Tools etc.

GRETINA Tools, Resources, etc.

Over the time of the GRETINA project and subsequent physics campaigns, a wide range of tools have been developed for attacking various aspects of data analysis etc., and a significant amount of more technically-oriented information compiled.  You'll find here the tools and information compiled as much as possible; if you know of a GRETINA-related resource that should be included here and is not, please let us know! Similarly, if there is something you think is missing and would like to see, please let us know

We've also uploaded a standard data set for new users to look at, to check analysis codes, etc., and get use to this type of data.  For more information, check out the details here.

(Physics) Data Analysis

We can break data analysis resources into a few different areas; there is information that is of general use to understand the GRETINA data structures, geometries, etc., there are a fair number of "complete" data analysis packages with varying levels of support and completeness, and there are stand-alone packages to perform one particular aspect of analysis, such as tracking.  We group the resources into these categories below.

General-Purpose Analysis Resources

'Complete' Data Analysis Packages

Targeted Analysis Resources


The simulation effort for GRETINA has largely converged to a GEANT4 based simulation package maintained by Lew Riley (Ursinus College); however there is a historic original (bare-bones) GRETINA simulation which can still be used if needed for specific tasks.

GEANT4 Simulation Packages

Offline Software (decomposition / basis creation)

There are a number of offline software packages which do not relate to physics data analysis, but are critical to GRETINA, and the development of GRETA nonetheless.  Some of these are openly available, as described here.

Signal Decomposition