Established in 2012, the GRETINA-GRETA Users Group is an open organization of scientists interested in using GRETINA (and in the future, GRETA) for scientific research.  The Users Group Charter is available here.

If you are interested in joining the users group, sign up now by emailing your information to

The GRETINA-GRETA Users Group is represented by the GRETINA-GRETA Users Executive Committee (GUEC).

Current GUEC Membership

Previous elected members of the GUEC include: Mitch Allmond (ORNL, 2015-2017), Peter Bender (UMass Lowell, 2018-2020), Chris Campbell (LBNL, 2021-2023), Heather Crawford (LBNL, 2016-2020), Paul Fallon (LBNL, 2012-2016), Alexandra Gade (NSCL/MSU, 2012-2016, 2018-2020), Hiro Iwasaki (MSU, 2020-2022), Torben Lauritsen (ANL, 2020-2022), Robert Janssens (UNC, 2019-2021), Ingo Wiedenhoever (FSU, 2012-2014) and Shaofei Zhu (BNL, 2019-2021).  We thank them for their wonderful service and contributions.

GRETA Working Groups (established 08/2017)

GRETA Working Groups:   Working Group Registration

Community Endorsements for GRETA

“The SAC viewed the science addressed in your submission as having the highest scientific priority and this was communicated to the FRIB Laboratory Director. […] The SAC reiterates the support for GRETA in the LRP and looks forward to the initiation of GRETA construction following the successful campaign of GRETINA at the NSCL..” 

-- 2011 FRIB SAC Report  

 “Construction of GRETA should begin immediately upon the successful completion of the GRETINA array” 

-- 2007 NSAC Long Range Plan 

“The detection of γ-ray emissions from excited nuclei plays a vital and ubiquitous role in nuclear science. The physics justification for a 4π tracking array is extremely compelling, spanning a wide range of fundamental questions in nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, and weak interactions.” 

-- 2002 NSAC Long Range Plan