LECM 2017

GRETA Workshop at the 2017 Low-Energy Community Meeting - August 2, 2017

Argonne National Laboratory, Bldg. 203 Auditorium


Proposed GRETA Working Groups (for discussion in second session)

  • Electronics -- co-chairs: Mike Carpenter (ANL) and Chris Campbell (LBNL)

  • Algorithms (Decomposition and Tracking) -- co-chairs: Torben Lauritsen (ANL) and David Radford (ORNL)

  • Analysis (Simulations and Analysis) -- co-chairs: Lew Riley (Ursinus College) and Peter Bender (NSCL, soon UMass Lowell)

  • Auxiliary Detectors -- co-chairs: Walter Reviol (Washington University) and Ching-Yen Wu (LLNL)

  • Facility Interfaces -- co-chairs: Hiro Iwasaki (NSCL) and Mitch Allmond (ORNL)