The Path to Gamma-Ray Tracking Arrays

Figure 1: Gamma-ray resolving power as a function of time in low-energy nuclear spectroscopy.  Each development in the field has led directly to improvements in the sensitivity of measurements and the experimental reach possible.


The Gamma-Ray Energy Tracking In-beam Nuclear Array (GRETINA) is the pre-cursor to the full GRETA 4pi array.  Originally planned to consist of seven quad modules (28 crystals), GRETINA was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Physics, and built by a collaboration of US institutions led by LBNL.  The array received CD4 (DOE project completion) in Spring 2011, and has since run physics campaigns at NSCL and ANL.  A timeline of the GRETINA history from the beginning of the project through current operations is included below.  More information is available at the GRETINA website, hosted by Florida State University.