Auxiliary Detectors and GRETA Workshop - December 10-11, 2020
Virtual Zoom Workshop 

The GRETA project has completed its final design and is moving onto construction. The project management, GRETA/GRETINA User Executive Committee and working groups are announcing a virtual workshop, which will take place on December 10-11, 2020 via ZOOM to discuss interfacing auxiliary detector systems to GRETA (e.g., mechanical options and constraints, data acquisition). For the auxiliary detectors, a focus will be put on the smaller rather than the bigger systems like the planned HRS at FRIB or AGFA at ANL.

Participation is open to all interested parties. A meeting password and login instructions will be provided to participants prior to the workshop. During the workshop, the GRETA project will provide information on the mechanical and electronic design of the array. In addition, the meeting will be an opportunity to hear from project personnel about interfacing with GRETA, to get updates from auxiliary detector groups, and for plenty of discussion. The meeting will start on December 10, 2020 at 10:30AM EST and be hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. A preliminary schedule is available below.

    Please register here to ensure that you receive the passwords for the Zoom links used for the workshop.  


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Zoom Meeting link: (registered participants will receive password by email)

Time (EST) Topic  Speaker  Slides
10:30am  Welcome  S. Zhu   
10:40am Introduction P. Fallon  pdf
11:00am Electronics M. Carpenter & J. T. Anderson  pdf & pdf 
12:00pm Computing M. Cromaz pdf
1:00pm Lunch Break
2:00pm Mechanical H. Crawford pdf
Auxiliary Detector Talks
3:00pm TRINITY M. Allmond 
3:20pm MoNA-LISA T. Baumann  pdf
3:40pm C7LYC P. Chowdhury 
4:00pm NEXT R. Grzywacz 
4:20pm TRIPLEX H. Iwasaki pdf
4:40pm Open discussion
6:00pm Adjourn

Friday, December 11, 2020

Zoom Meeting link: (registered participants will receive password by email)

Time (EST) Topic  Speaker  Slides
Auxiliary Detector Talks
11:00am DRACULA D. Doherty / G. Lotay
11:20am VANDLE M. Madurga
11:40am DARCY V. Werner
12:00pm LENDA J. Pereira pdf
12:20pm Lunch Break
1:20pm Microball & Phoswich Wall W. Reviol
1:40pm GRETA-Compatible Digital Data Acquisition W. Skulski pdf
2:00pm ORRUBA S. Pain
2:20pm CHICO-X C. Y. Wu pdf
2:40pm Open discussion
4:00pm Adjourn